Save your search with Bing Saves

Need to save your Bing search and don’t want to use a bookmarking service or a doc in the clouds? The solution is now available, in beta, by the name of Bing Saves. Read more about what you can do and why you should take caution

How to remove Bing from Firefox

You installed a new program, update or just accessed a website and now Bing rules over Firefox. If you don’t want it, here is the simple guide to remove it. Remove Bing from new tab in Firefox Whenever you open a new tab in Firefox, it starts with Bing. First, you have to change the […]

Bing thinks you could do better than google

Imagine the following scenario: you search for the term “google” using Bing. Do you really want to change the search engine or do you want to know more about Google and its products? Microsoft decides to take no risk and slaps you with the following warning: