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Search books with Bing – the guide

Recently Bing updated its search for books capability by giving you the option to buy the book, download it for free or see an excerpt. This was made possible by adding lots of data to Bing’s knowledge repository. Here are some examples on how to search books with Bing, an useful guide to your book discover quest.

Search for old books that are free for download

As you now, classic and old books are free to be read by public, you don’t have to pay for it. Bing makes it easy to find them and quickly download. The following is a search for Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer:

Bing search free books

The right side of search results window has a lot of info on that book, characters and two links, one to read the book on Gutenberg, the other to read an excerpt.

Search for contemporary books

Bing makes it easy for students to find if a book is available for reservation at a nearby library. Just search for the title of the book and Bing will tell you where you can see an excerpt and where you can borrow the book. The following example shows a search for Dan Brown’s Inferno:

bing borrow book library


The search engine suggests Houston Area Digital Media Catalog as a location where you can borrow the book. Also, you cand see the books from the same author that preceded the one you’ve searched, related searches and additional information on the author.

Do you have any more tips for searching books with Bing? Comment below:

Bing Image Match makes searching for images easier

Bing introduced a new features that allows us to search for different size of the same image. With a single click. Here is how it works:

You may use Bing Image Search when you search for a particular image. Use the desired search term in Bing and click Images in the top toolbar.  For the following example we searched for St. Patrick’s Day (it’s that time of year folks, blessings and best wishes for everybody!). Afterwards we selected one of the images in the search results list and clicked it for more details. You have images size details, Image Match button, Pin It, Show Larger and PLay All. The screen capture looks like this:

bing image match

We highlighted the new option, Image Match, available in the button list below the image. A click on the new option and here is the result:

image match guide

We can choose one size (Wallpaper, Large, Medium, Small), or view all sizes. Moreover, we have a list of pages including this image.

The Image Match option is available also for uploaded images or links of images around the web. Just go to Bing Images and you will see the new option:

bing image match button

Do you find the new tool useful?

Save your search with Bing Saves

Need to save your Bing search and don’t want to use a bookmarking service or a doc in the clouds? The solution is now available, in beta, by the name of Bing Saves. Read more about what you can do and why you should take caution

Here are the features:

  •  you can save Bing Searches using one button in your toolbar
  • you can save searches or pages by just copy-pasting the url in the save box
  •  you can view your saves searches
  •  you can save pages to view them later
  •  you can view what’s trending and feeds
  • you can add tags
  • you can add comments

Bing Saves

You have to be logged in to use it. One word of caution: being in Beta, the saved searches and pages may not be available later if Microsoft decides to discontinue the experiment.


bing saves featuresIt’s not a full feature bookmarking app, but a simple and functional add-on to Bing searches. Maybe its simplicity will be the key to its success.

Convert Bitcoin to any currency with Bing

You already know that you can convert online known currencies to other currencies using Bing. Now, you can find out how much your (if you invested in) Bitcoin is worth. Here’s how:

You can specify any Bitcoin amount and have it converted to known currencies. Open Bing and in the search box enter the amount of Bitcoin you want converted and the currency you want converted to. Press ENTER and the magic happens. This new feature is available to us due to the agreement between Microsoft and Coinbase. It might be the right time to sell your Bitcoin, the exchange giving strong signals of a temporary value drop of this digital currency.


bitcoin converter bing

You need to buy Bitcoins? Have a healthy stash of cash? Enter the following phrase into Bing search box: “NUMBER CURRENCY to btc” where NUMBER is the sum you want converted and currency is … you figured it.
convert bitocoin bing

Do you find this feature of Bing useful or just a marketing gimmick?

How to remove Bing from Firefox

You installed a new program, update or just accessed a website and now Bing rules over Firefox. If you don’t want it, here is the simple guide to remove it.

Remove Bing from new tab in Firefox

Whenever you open a new tab in Firefox, it starts with Bing. First, you have to change the preferences to see if you can modify from there:

1. Open a new tab on your browser. When the Bing search opens look in the bottom left corner and you will see, very faint I might add, 2 tabs…Contact us and Restore. Hit the Restore and a pop-up will ask, “Are you sure you want to restore the browser’s new tab settings? Hit the OK button and problem solved…no more Bing as your default new tab page.

2. Modify about:config This is a little bit technical, but you should write about:config in the address bar, accept and click on "I'll be careful, I promise button".  In the search bar, type: newtab and then modify the "browser.newtab.url" key value to  “about:newtab” or “about:blank” Other fix includes modifying the option that says "searchinnewtabeenabledbyuser". double click on it and where it says "true", type "false". Restart firefox. your problem should be fixed.
change firefox new tab bing

3. Sometimes there is a software that overrides the settings, so you must uninstall the software/Firefox extension. Such a software can be named Software Protect by Conduit for instance.

Remove Bing as default search engine

1. Move the mouse cursor inside the search box at the top right of the Firefox window and click the down arrow next to the provider’s logo.
2. From the dropdown list, select Manage Search Engines….search engine firefox
3. Choose the “BING” and click Remove or move it down the search engine list below your preferred search engine.
remove bing firefox
4. Click OK to save

Bing thinks you could do better than google

Imagine the following scenario: you search for the term “google” using Bing. Do you really want to change the search engine or do you want to know more about Google and its products? Microsoft decides to take no risk and slaps you with the following warning:

bing search google

The message suggests a thrilling contest between Bing and Google, with the judge: “people” preferring, you guessed right, Bing. There are also localized versions of the ad (below one of the UK ads):


bing ad search google

The black ad appeared on some of the searches made for “google”.

In case you want to see for yourself the staged clash between the two search titans, was the site (seems to redirect now to in many countries). What do you think? Is this a fair commercial ad or a misleading tactic?

Bing position checker

Bing is a little slower to index websites, but when it does is important to monitor your placement. Are you on the first page for your desired keywords? Here’s how to find out:

Find your site position in Bing

One method is to search for the term you want and then count. Is easy when your on the first page, but it gets annoying when you’re not in top ten. So you can use a tool, preferably a free one. I will not go into the specialized tools, just give you a hint.

First you can go to and use the tool there, it looks like this:

bing position checker

If you have multiple keywords, or want to check rankings on multiple search engines, is better to use a specialized tool, like:
You do it frequently, then use, a free tool that you can install in seconds.

What other tool you found useful? Comment:

Bing market share bigger than 10%

Bing had an US  market share of 10.7% in August, according to Nielsen Megaview Search. That positions Bing as the fastest growing search engine in the US top 10. here are the detailed data:

Top 10 Search Providers for August 2009, Ranked by Searches (U.S.)
| Provider                     |  Searches   | M-O-M %  |  Share of  |
|                              |    (000)    |  Growth  |  Searches  |
| Total                        | 10,812,734  |   2.9%   |   100.0%   |
| Google Search                |  6,986,580  |   2.6%   |   64.6%    |
| Yahoo! Search                |  1,726,060  |  -4.2%   |   16.0%    |
| MSN/Windows Live/Bing Search |  1,156,415  |  22.1%   |   10.7%    |
| AOL Search                   |   333,231   |   1.8%   |    3.1%    |
| Search               |   186,270   |   2.9%   |    1.7%    |
| My Web Search                |   128,432   |   0.5%   |    1.2%    |
| Comcast Search               |   50,328    |  -21.6%  |    0.5%    |
| Yellow Pages Search          |   37,923    |   2.7%   |    0.4%    |
| NexTag Search                |   31,830    |   0.4%   |    0.3%    |
| Search             |   16,314    |   2.9%   |    0.2%    |
Source: Nielsen MegaView Search

Google still leads the pack from a comfortable 65% (this is almost a monopoly on search), Yahoo is down 4% above the previous month. It would be useful to compare the Bing market share (taken by the number of searches) with Bing market share taken by the number of searchers. That would allow to draw some interesting conclusions.

Microsoft sites have 41% more searches than last year

The good news is that Microsoft sites had 3.3 billion searches in July 2009 which is 41% more than in July 2008. The bad news is that exactly 41% was the average market growth. So Microsoft only managed to defend its market share. Care to see how much Google grew?

Well, here are the raw data according to ComScore:

Worldwide Search Market Overview
July 2009 vs. July 2008
Total Worldwide – Age 15+, Home/Work Locations
Source: comScore qSearch
Searches (MM)
July 2008 July 2009 Percent Change
Total Internet 80,554 113,685 41%
Google Sites 48,666 76,684 58%
Yahoo! Sites 8,689 8,898 2% Inc. 7,413 7,976 8%
Microsoft Sites 2,349 3,317 41%
eBay 1,223 1,723 41%
NHN Corporation 1,243 1,526 23%
Ask Network 929 1,291 39%
Yandex 663 1,290 94%
AOL LLC 1,148 1,023 -11% 743 879 18%

Google sites are doing great, with an impressive growth of 58% over last July. Even combined, Yahoo and Microsoft are far away from Google. Yandex, the Russian search engine, is the absolute performer, almost doubling the number of searches.

Top celebrities and politicians with Bing xRank

Top celebrities today? Top politicians or top bloggers? Everybody is interested in this kind of information. You can access it by using Bing xRank. Here’s how to:

Bing xRank ranks most notable people

According to the developers, “xRank keeps track of notable people and puts them in order for you. We count Bing web searches for movie stars, musicians, and other famous people. Then, we compile our findings into an insightful ranking formula that tells you who the world is searching for most. The result is a cultural snapshot of who’s hot and who’s not!”

By using xRank, you can easily do one of the following:

  • Search.
    Enter a name and Bing will tell you who they are and how they rate.
  • Learn.
    You can browse a bio or get the latest news headlines about the person you’re interested in.
  • Explore.
    For each celebrity, you are ine click away from the latest videos, images, movies, albums, and more.
  • Relate.
    This is one of my favorite features of xRank. This is one big electronic gossip machine. Thumbnail photos at the bottom of xRank show you the associates, friends, enemies, and romances, of the person you’re interested in.
  • Scan.
    You are a big fan of some singer or movie star? Look over the rankings and trending over time. Movement at the top of the list means more than it does near the bottom.
  • Track.
    View a person’s popularity over the past six months on the xRank History chart. Under the xRank History chart, find the top-moving searches. These are real searches from users on the day the person peaked in popularity on xRank.

bing xRank

Celebrities, politicians and…

According to Microsoft, worth tracking are:

  • celebrities
  • politicians
  • musicians
  • bloggers

You can see that these are the categories which make the first page of tabloids, except maybe bloggers.

I’m not into any of the celebrity business and also not interested in politics or top bloggers. But I like the concept and think this is a valuable SEO resource for people interested in more visitors and clicks. Write about what’s hot and you may receive thousands of visits a day.

What do you think? Is xRank useful or not?