Bing Add-ons for Firefox

By | July 13, 2009

Bing has been launched more than a month ago. The Bing Add-ons for Firefox help you integrate Bing search with the second most popular browser ont the web. Here are some of the addons:

Bing 20090601, by Alessandro Catorcini, Beatrice Oltean

They say “this is the only officially supported Bing add-on, provided by the Bing team in Microsoft.” We have to believe them (after seeing the EULA we give them credit), since there is a smilarly named add-on by Daniel Hoo that  places ads before the actual search results.

The plugin is very simple and installs Bing into the list of search engines available on the  right.

Bing 20090531, by longzheng

This add-on promises search suggestions, but it doesn’t deliver. It does the same thing as the official add-on.

Bing add-ons for Firefox

You can see the other add-ons by searching for Bing in the Firefox add-ons window. If you use Internet Explorer, here’s a list of Bing add-ons for IE

4 thoughts on “Bing Add-ons for Firefox

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  2. admin Post author

    Thank you Steve, I have corrected the link.

  3. GoodBoy

    can some please tell me how to remove bing from my browsers IE + and firefox.. it got installed despite me clicking NO and im very angry by this aggresive intruding operation by BING, its taking up browser space.. there is NO uninstall file. its juz a need search window on top of my default goolge. very annoying!

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