Bing add-ons for Internet Explorer

By | July 13, 2009

You use Internet Explorere and Bing and you want to combine the power of the two? It’s simple, Microsoft provides some useful Bing add-ons for Internet Explorer. Here are some of them and the guide to install them:

1. Type the following address in IE:
2. Select your favourite add-on and press the Add t Internet Explorer button.
3. That’s all, now enjoy.

As of present date, the following add-ons are available:

Bing Search
For decisions that matter. Bing and decide.

Bing Maps
Map addresses using this Bing Maps Accelerator

Bing Translator
Language translation at your fingertips with this Accelerator

Shop and Save with Bing Shopping
Gives you instant product prices, cashback offers and information and helps you save shopping online (Accelerator)

Surf Canyon
Unleash the power of search like never before

Finance from Bing
Get stock quotes from Bing with this Web Slice

Traffic from Bing
Get traffic updates from Bing with this Web Slice

Bing Maps for Outlook
Internet mapping and Outlook

Bing Image Search
Search Images with Bing (Accelerator)

Define with Bing
Define words or phrases with Bing (Accelerator)

Weather from Bing
Get weather updates from Bing with this Web Slice

Bing add-ons for Internet Explorer

Bing add-ons for Internet Explorer

If you use Firefox, see the list of Bing add-ons for Firefox.

2 thoughts on “Bing add-ons for Internet Explorer

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  2. Morgan S.

    Is there any other way to add bing to internet explorer 8 as a search engine/add-on? The page does not work. I click on the add to ie and nothing happens. I tried compatability mode and got no where that way either. Really want my Bing back!

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