Bing gives you the right salary

By | August 16, 2009

Bing gives you the right salary. The crisis is almost over. Maybe it’s time for a raise? But how much to ask for? Here’s a quick tip from Bing:

Just type in the Bing search box:

[job] salary
where [job] is the job you have or want to have. Some examples:
engineer salary
stock broker salary

bing salary

We did some searches and found out some interesting stuff. For instance, if you want to be paid on hourly basis, a bartender (Hourly rate :$6.17 to $8.89) is paid the same as a babysitter (Hourly rate :$5.79 to $9.96), but not as good as a bodyguard (Hourly rate :$16.59 to $50.71).

What is the best paid job that can be found by Bing salary search? Comment:

One thought on “Bing gives you the right salary

  1. Frank Burns

    As a cleaner at Midland Gate Shopping Center, 24 years ago, my hourly rate was in excess of $15.00? During my married life I was a carer for my wife and something happened in favor of employer’s, the hourly rate appeared to have dropped? Maybe I missed something but it just doesn’t add up?

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