Bing Image Match makes searching for images easier

By | March 14, 2014

Bing introduced a new features that allows us to search for different size of the same image. With a single click. Here is how it works:

You may use Bing Image Search when you search for a particular image. Use the desired search term in Bing and click Images in the top toolbar.  For the following example we searched for St. Patrick’s Day (it’s that time of year folks, blessings and best wishes for everybody!). Afterwards we selected one of the images in the search results list and clicked it for more details. You have images size details, Image Match button, Pin It, Show Larger and PLay All. The screen capture looks like this:

bing image match

We highlighted the new option, Image Match, available in the button list below the image. A click on the new option and here is the result:

image match guide

We can choose one size (Wallpaper, Large, Medium, Small), or view all sizes. Moreover, we have a list of pages including this image.

The Image Match option is available also for uploaded images or links of images around the web. Just go to Bing Images and you will see the new option:

bing image match button

Do you find the new tool useful?

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