Bing position checker

By | September 29, 2009

Bing is a little slower to index websites, but when it does is important to monitor your placement. Are you on the first page for your desired keywords? Here’s how to find out:

Find your site position in Bing

One method is to search for the term you want and then count. Is easy when your on the first page, but it gets annoying when you’re not in top ten. So you can use a tool, preferably a free one. I will not go into the specialized tools, just give you a hint.

First you can go to and use the tool there, it looks like this:

bing position checker

If you have multiple keywords, or want to check rankings on multiple search engines, is better to use a specialized tool, like:
You do it frequently, then use, a free tool that you can install in seconds.

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