Bing thinks you could do better than google

By | November 5, 2013

Imagine the following scenario: you search for the term “google” using Bing. Do you really want to change the search engine or do you want to know more about Google and its products? Microsoft decides to take no risk and slaps you with the following warning:

bing search google

The message suggests a thrilling contest between Bing and Google, with the judge: “people” preferring, you guessed right, Bing. There are also localized versions of the ad (below one of the UK ads):


bing ad search google

The black ad appeared on some of the searches made for “google”.

In case you want to see for yourself the staged clash between the two search titans, was the site (seems to redirect now to in many countries). What do you think? Is this a fair commercial ad or a misleading tactic?

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