Convert Bitcoin to any currency with Bing

By | February 11, 2014

You already know that you can convert online known currencies to other currencies using Bing. Now, you can find out how much your (if you invested in) Bitcoin is worth. Here’s how:

You can specify any Bitcoin amount and have it converted to known currencies. Open Bing and in the search box enter the amount of Bitcoin you want converted and the currency you want converted to. Press ENTER and the magic happens. This new feature is available to us due to the agreement between Microsoft and Coinbase. It might be the right time to sell your Bitcoin, the exchange giving strong signals of a temporary value drop of this digital currency.


bitcoin converter bing

You need to buy Bitcoins? Have a healthy stash of cash? Enter the following phrase into Bing search box: “NUMBER CURRENCY to btc” where NUMBER is the sum you want converted and currency is … you figured it.
convert bitocoin bing

Do you find this feature of Bing useful or just a marketing gimmick?

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