Google more relevant than Bing, says study

By | July 11, 2009

Google more relevant than Bing by a large margin, a Citigroup study announced. Citigroup conducted a study comparing 200 queries on Google, Yahoo and Bing. The study found that Google is much more relevant than Bing, in returning relevant results. Google returned the most relevant result 71 percent of the time, compared with Bing at 49 percent of the time and Yahoo 30 percent of the time.

Google more relevant than Bing

The queries originated from Google Zeitgeist, Microsoft’s xRank and Yahoo Buzz. The categories were Entertainment, Health, Local, News, Retail, Sports, Travel and Other. The Citigroup decided who wins using these two criteria:

1) Relevancy of the organic search results; and 2) Robustness of the search experience, which included factors such as image and video inclusion, Search Assist, and Site Breakout.

While stating that Google is still the king of relevancy, many ommited the fact that Bing proved more relevant than Yahoo. The original article is  here.

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