How to remove Bing from Firefox

By | February 7, 2014

You installed a new program, update or just accessed a website and now Bing rules over Firefox. If you don’t want it, here is the simple guide to remove it.

Remove Bing from new tab in Firefox

Whenever you open a new tab in Firefox, it starts with Bing. First, you have to change the preferences to see if you can modify from there:

1. Open a new tab on your browser. When the Bing search opens look in the bottom left corner and you will see, very faint I might add, 2 tabs…Contact us and Restore. Hit the Restore and a pop-up will ask, “Are you sure you want to restore the browser’s new tab settings? Hit the OK button and problem solved…no more Bing as your default new tab page.

2. Modify about:config This is a little bit technical, but you should write about:config in the address bar, accept and click on "I'll be careful, I promise button".  In the search bar, type: newtab and then modify the "browser.newtab.url" key value to  “about:newtab” or “about:blank” Other fix includes modifying the option that says "searchinnewtabeenabledbyuser". double click on it and where it says "true", type "false". Restart firefox. your problem should be fixed.
change firefox new tab bing

3. Sometimes there is a software that overrides the settings, so you must uninstall the software/Firefox extension. Such a software can be named Software Protect by Conduit for instance.

Remove Bing as default search engine

1. Move the mouse cursor inside the search box at the top right of the Firefox window and click the down arrow next to the provider’s logo.
2. From the dropdown list, select Manage Search Engines….search engine firefox
3. Choose the “BING” and click Remove or move it down the search engine list below your preferred search engine.
remove bing firefox
4. Click OK to save

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