Search books with Bing – the guide

By | July 5, 2014

Recently Bing updated its search for books capability by giving you the option to buy the book, download it for free or see an excerpt. This was made possible by adding lots of data to Bing’s knowledge repository. Here are some examples on how to search books with Bing, an useful guide to your book discover quest.

Search for old books that are free for download

As you now, classic and old books are free to be read by public, you don’t have to pay for it. Bing makes it easy to find them and quickly download. The following is a search for Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer:

Bing search free books

The right side of search results window has a lot of info on that book, characters and two links, one to read the book on Gutenberg, the other to read an excerpt.

Search for contemporary books

Bing makes it easy for students to find if a book is available for reservation at a nearby library. Just search for the title of the book and Bing will tell you where you can see an excerpt and where you can borrow the book. The following example shows a search for Dan Brown’s Inferno:

bing borrow book library


The search engine suggests Houston Area Digital Media Catalog as a location where you can borrow the book. Also, you cand see the books from the same author that preceded the one you’ve searched, related searches and additional information on the author.

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