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Bing thinks you could do better than google

Imagine the following scenario: you search for the term “google” using Bing. Do you really want to change the search engine or do you want to know more about Google and its products? Microsoft decides to take no risk and slaps you with the following warning:

Google more relevant than Bing, says study

Google more relevant than Bing by a large margin, a Citigroup study announced. Citigroup conducted a study comparing 200 queries on Google, Yahoo and Bing. The study found that Google is much more relevant than Bing, in returning relevant results. Google returned the most relevant result 71 percent of the time, compared with Bing at […]

Bing has better design than Google, study says

These days a lots of comparative studies surfaced, placing Google versus Bing into a multitude of comparations. Catalyst Group conducted an independent usability and consumer preference study (be careful, most “independent” studies are secretly sponsored by one company or the other).   The study included both an eye tracking part and a survey. Here are […]