Top celebrities and politicians with Bing xRank

By | August 26, 2009

Top celebrities today? Top politicians or top bloggers? Everybody is interested in this kind of information. You can access it by using Bing xRank. Here’s how to:

Bing xRank ranks most notable people

According to the developers, “xRank keeps track of notable people and puts them in order for you. We count Bing web searches for movie stars, musicians, and other famous people. Then, we compile our findings into an insightful ranking formula that tells you who the world is searching for most. The result is a cultural snapshot of who’s hot and who’s not!”

By using xRank, you can easily do one of the following:

  • Search.
    Enter a name and Bing will tell you who they are and how they rate.
  • Learn.
    You can browse a bio or get the latest news headlines about the person you’re interested in.
  • Explore.
    For each celebrity, you are ine click away from the latest videos, images, movies, albums, and more.
  • Relate.
    This is one of my favorite features of xRank. This is one big electronic gossip machine. Thumbnail photos at the bottom of xRank show you the associates, friends, enemies, and romances, of the person you’re interested in.
  • Scan.
    You are a big fan of some singer or movie star? Look over the rankings and trending over time. Movement at the top of the list means more than it does near the bottom.
  • Track.
    View a person’s popularity over the past six months on the xRank History chart. Under the xRank History chart, find the top-moving searches. These are real searches from users on the day the person peaked in popularity on xRank.

bing xRank

Celebrities, politicians and…

According to Microsoft, worth tracking are:

  • celebrities
  • politicians
  • musicians
  • bloggers

You can see that these are the categories which make the first page of tabloids, except maybe bloggers.

I’m not into any of the celebrity business and also not interested in politics or top bloggers. But I like the concept and think this is a valuable SEO resource for people interested in more visitors and clicks. Write about what’s hot and you may receive thousands of visits a day.

What do you think? Is xRank useful or not?

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